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Depending on your situation, taking out a personal loan may just be your saving grace. You can consolidate multiple debts into one easy monthly payment scheme. You can also use this loan to pay for any thing that seeks your immediate attention such as an upcoming wedding or hospital bills.

So how can you take out a loan? And most importantly, how can you get approved for your personal loan?

How to Get a Personal Loan?

Gaining approval usually depends on your existing credit score. Evaluate you history. If it’s not that good, then you can already expect that you won’t get access to options with low interest rates. They key is to always ensure that you maintain a good credit.

Online Lenders

Taking out an online loan is considered to be easier than lending from a bank. In just a few days of getting approved, you can already have the money in your account. Usually, when you apply for a loan, these lenders will just have a soft credit inquiry. You will then know if you are pre-approved and will have access to their loan offers. You can assess them and proceed to their application process.

Banks or Financial Institutions

Compared to the former, taking out a loan from banks and financial institutions may take a longer process. Just the process of getting approved may take days and another couple of days may take before you can receive the funds in your account.

Final Thoughts

Taking out a personal loan can certainly be a good idea for unforeseen circumstances. But it is important that you always borrow money responsibly. It is better to exhaust all options, seek for loan options that have lower interest rates. Furthermore, always make sure that the amount of money you borrow is something that you can pay back within the provided timeframe.

When your ultimate goal is to pay off credit card debt, especially multiple ones, I’d definitely say your best bet is to consolidate your debt. In this way, you are able to merge all loans into one easy payment scheme; you get to lower down your total monthly payment; and you get to pay lower interest cost. Here are 3 ways you can pay off credit card debts using a loan.

Get a personal loan

Personal loans are typically the go-to option for those who want to consolidate their debts. Unlike some loans, you do not need a collateral to secure a personal loan. With a personal loan, you usually will pay lower interest costs, as well.

In the event that you have a not so good credit score, I suggest you pay your local credit unions a visit first. Since they are community-based, they are usually more lenient when it comes to requirements. They are more inclined to allow alternative source of information to prove your creditworthiness. You may also try online lenders as you can shop rates there more easily. They don’t perform hard inquiries and thus your report won’t get affected.

Try a home equity loan

This is a viable option if you own a house. Using the equity on your home, you are most likely eligible to take out a loan. Basically, a home equity loan gives you a lump sum of money together with a fixed interest rate. The difference between this type of loan and the personal loan is that this loan is secured by your home which acts as a collateral.

Get a 0% transfer balance card

If you select this option, for a given period, this credit will not charge interest costs. Typically, it’s during the promotional period, usually around the first 12 months. When you get this, you are allowed to transfer your balances to it. However, make sure you maintain a good credit score to get approved for this.

Get The Money You Need

Apply to Borrow £1000 to £25,000*