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How to Get Out of a Personal Loan

Do you have a personal loan that you want to get out of? Getting out of a personal loan is not that simple since you are bound by the loan agreement that you signed.

Consequences of getting out of a personal loan

If you try to pay off a personal loan early, you may be charged with penalties by the lender. Before paying off a personal loan prematurely, read the fine print of your contract carefully. You can also directly ask your lender what fees will be imposed on you in case you close the loan early. Remember that the interests and fees are already incorporated in your loan repayments, so technically you will not be saving money either. Try discussing this with your lender to see if there’s any workaround that can be done. Some lenders may be willing to waive the fees as long as you pay the outstanding loan balance including interest. Reach out to your loan provides so you know what other options are available.

Getting out of a personal loan ahead of schedule is possible, but also costly. You can pay off a loan earlier if that is what will give you peace of mind. But if to save money on interest rates and fees by settling a loan early, you will be better off using the extra money somewhere else. Instead of paying off your loan ahead of time, use your extra money to pay off your credit card debt, or use the money to build an emergency fund.

Where Can I Use Personal Loans?

Once you qualify for a loan and are given the money, you can use it for practically any purpose you see fit. It can be problematic if you’re looking to get a loan for a home or vehicle down payment, though. Getting a loan to pay for down payments is generally frowned upon since it suggests financial instability. But life happens, and sometimes people just need a helping hand when it comes to finances.

Personal loans can be a lifesaver if you’re looking to get a loan for a down payment. While some lending companies will flat out refuse to give you a loan for such a purpose, there are others who will. Here are some of the few options you might want to consider:

Personal loans – some lending companies who specialize in personal loans can provide short-term loans that you can use to settle a down payment. Personal loans don’t often dish out large sums of money though, so be sure to borrow small. 

P2P loans – P2P (or person-to-person) loans are also a great way to get funds for down payments. P2P loans are easy to repay and are more ‘direct’ than having to go through an intermediary company.

Collateral loans – if you have an object of value that you can temporarily choose to make into collateral for a loan, this is a great way to obtain the money you need for down payments.  Just be sure you have an alternative means to pay back your loan, or you risk the loss of your collateral. Choose the method that is most suitable for you!

Can I Get a Loan to Pay Off a Loan?

Getting a loan to pay off another loan may sound weird or even desperate, but the truth, some people have done this. Did they regret it? Well, it really depends. Sometimes, obtaining a loan to get rid of another debt is not the best thing to do. It can often be seen as a delaying tactic to lengthen the terms of the loan repayments. Before deciding to get a loan to pay off another debt, make sure you are saving money and not prolonging the burden of debt.

Lower interest rates

If you want to get a new loan just to pay off another loan, make sure the new one has better interest rates. There are online lenders offering debt consolidation loans. It can be a good option if the new loan would have a lower interest rate. If you want to pay off your credit card debt, getting a low-interest personal loan is a good idea. But be sure to check if there are any penalties for repaying the loan early. In order to be sure, make sure you consult your loan specialist.

Some people make a habit of transferring debt from one place to another. The worst scenario is when debt consolidation actually puts you deeper into debt that actually resolving it. If you can save money on debt consolidation through lower interest rates, then obtaining another loan to pay an outstanding debt could be a really good idea.

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