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The interest rate is the primary element that affects your credit, therefore, if you borrow a £6000 loan, it would depend on the lender’s rate. For this reason, it’s important to shop around first before you send an application. Not all lenders are created equal and some lenders are too expensive while there are those who offer a more affordable amount.

What Affects Your Loan Repayments

When you’re planning to borrow a £6000 loan and you want to know how your repayments will look like, a loan calculator is a great help. It will require a few information though, such as the loan amount, the interest rate, and the repayment term or how long you want to settle the loan.

For example, the annual interest rate for the loan is 15% and you want to settle it for 60 months. Your estimated monthly repayment is £143 and you will pay at least £2,580 for the interest over the entire period of the loan.

Meanwhile, if you choose to repay the debt in just 24 months, you will pay at least £291 on a monthly basis but the interest you will pay over the life of the advance is only £982.

That being said, you can reduce the interest by choosing a shorter repayment period. Although the monthly repayments are bigger, it will benefit you in the long run since you could use the money on a more important matter.

Can Your Credit Score Affect Your Loan Repayments?

Yes, your credit score also plays a major role in your monthly repayment and the loan’s interest rate. Lenders normally charge borrowers with good credit remark a lower interest because they assume that they are less risky to their business.

Meanwhile, a bad credit borrower will be charged with a higher interest rate because the loan providers assume that they will repeat the same mistake in their new account. Whether it’s a late payment or default, these things will decrease your credit rating and may affect your loan application and overall cost of the loan in the future.

Things to Know Before Applying for a Fast Loan

Before taking out a loan, there are several things you have to consider. Any mistake you can cost you a huge amount of money. Before making any decisions, you need to assess your own situation ask many questions starting with the financial need that you have and where is the best place to borrow the money for the type of loan you will need to make.

What Type of Fast Loan Do You Need

Before taking out a loan, you need to identify what you need it for. Depending on what you are going to use the money for, there are several loans that  may be applicable.

  • Personal loan is perhaps the most common type of loan. It can be used for almost anything such as an upcoming wedding or medical bills.

  • Student loans is for educational purposes such as tuition fees

  • Home loans are the loans you use for mortgage which is what you use for buying a new home

Where to Get the Loan

After you have decided on what loan you need, you can narrow down your choices of place to borrow. For example, some financial institutions do not offer student loans. It is important that you search around to make sure that the place matches the type of loan you need.

  • Student Aid offices are best for educational loans. I highly suggest you go to them before going to banks.

  • Banks are good for pretty much anything but you are going to need good credit history for this. If you think you’re eligible, you can go directly to the bank and apply.

  • Credit unions mostly accept even those with an okay credit.

When borrowing money, be wary of high-interest rates and predatory lenders. Always compare and contrast to check which type of conditions are best for your situation. I also suggest to do some loan calculations before you apply for one.

Get The Money You Need

Apply to Borrow £1000 to £25,000*