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Have bad credit and wanted to take out a loan? Chances are, you’ve heard about a payday loan. So what is a payday loan? A payday loan is known to be a short-term loan that will be paid on your next pay-check. It’s a lot cheaper but riskier, and is usually for people who have little to no credit scores.

Tips on Getting A Payday Loan

The amount you can take on a payday loan varies from state to state, but is usually ranging from 300-1000. A lender usually considers your expenses, income, and payday lending history if you have any. And they will determine how much you can pay back.

The requirements for getting a payday loan is simple. Must have an active bank account, proof of income and an ID, and must be 18. But even having those requirements, you can still be rejected. The reason being.

1.       You haven’t been employed long enough.

2.       You recently filed for bankruptcy.

3.       Lenders have a way of tracking if you have outstanding loans. And if you have one, you’ll likely get denied.

4.       You are an active-duty Military. As the Federal Law prevents lenders from making short-term loans to military members with more than 36% APR.

5.       States have specific requirements on how much of your income you can spend, and if you don’t meet the repayment requirements, chances are you’re going to get denied.

6.       A recent bounced check

7.       A recently opened bank account

8.       Having lesser income. Lenders requires you to have at least a $500 income.

Risk and Benefits of Payday Loans

So what are the dangers of getting a payday loan? People become too reliant on payday loans as they charge less fees, but require immediate repayment of the loan. This will make it so that people who take out payday loans have a hard time with their monthly expenses and thus having them to resort to taking another payday loan out, resulting in a loop.



On top of worrying about the high-interest rates when getting a payday loan, you might also worry about whether it’ll affect your credit score or not.

When applying for a payday loan, keep in mind that lenders will look at your credit history differently. Lenders have their own way of assessing your application.

Will a payday application be visible on my credit history?

Naturally, yes. A payday loan or any loan for that matter will impact your credit score. Be it in a positive or negative way is entirely up to you.

Your credit file is a record of your borrowing history. So all your applications for any credits or loans will be seen there. When applying for a loan, lenders will run hard inquiries on your credit score and that will also be seen on your reports.

How can loans positively affect your chances of getting loans in the future?

You can start by paying your bills diligently. If you don’t miss any repayments, bills, or are able to pay your short-term loans, this will greatly improve your credit score.

What’s more is that when you are able to successfully pay off a loan, it will be reflected on your credit reports. So that’s generally a good thing.

How can payday loans affect my credit score negatively?

Applying for a loan will have adverse impacts on your credit score, it’s because any lender who are thorough in evaluating you will run a hard inquiry on your credit history before offering or approving your loan. It will have a slight negative impact on your credit score, but will be negligible if you manage it right.

Making multiple payday loans are often indicators that you are irresponsible with managing your money and your debt. This will seriously harm your chances of getting other loans in the future.

But the biggest culprit of having a bad credit score is missing your repayments. This will be reflected on your credit score and will greatly affect you along the road. So as much as possible, set-up a plan in repaying your debts.

Bottom line is, having a payday loan will not affect your credit, missing your repayments does.


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