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Immediate Cash Assistance

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How Will My Application Work?

Secure Process

Your data is completely safe and secured. There’s no need for you to visit banks or fall in long lines to get approved. All you need to do is to complete a form online.

Paid Into Your Account

You don’t even have to wait a full day to get the funds you’ve borrowed. Within minutes, the payment is sent directly to your checking account. No fuss, no hassle, no delay.

Credit Problem

Got bad credit? That’s not going to be a problem. Our lenders don’t do credit checks. As long as you’re good at paying the loan on time, you’re good to go.

In life, when something goes wrong, it goes totally wrong. Your plans get derailed, and although you’re planning to pay off your loan, the situation you’re in may not allow it. So when that happens, you may “default” on your loan, and it’s very important to know how it will you, your finances, and your credit.

What happens when you default on your loan?

Defaulting on your loan will obviously have some consequences. And to what extent depends on the situation, but it’s safe to say that your credit score will definitely take a hit.

Credit and Legal Troubles: During the 30-day period where you missed your period, nothing may not happen at all, after that lenders would report you to credit bureaus, which will result in a lower credit score. And when you have a low credit score, it makes it hard for you to secure loans in the future, and not just on loans, it might impact you in other aspects of your life such as, finding a job, renting, buying insurance, and signing up for utilities and services. Overtime, your unpaid debts will be forwarded to collection agencies, and collection agencies can damage your credit even further – And might lead to legal repercussions, which can be pretty expensive. Lenders will also have rights to seize assets from your bank account.

High Expenses: Not only will defaulting damage your credit score, you’ll take on even more expenses. Fees, penalties, and legal costs will be added to your account, increasing the amount you owe.

Types of Loans

Different things might happen depending on the type of loan you default on.

Secured Loans: If you put something up for collateral like your home, car, or anything that has monetary value – then a lender might seize and sell it.

Personal Loans: Personal loans being an unsecured type of loan, a lender can only go after your credit score and possibly take legal actions to collect what was owed.

Home Loans: If you refinanced a home using a loan, or got a home equity loan – your lender can force you out through foreclosure and sell your home to cover the losses.

Auto Loans: Auto loans are the same with home loans, your vehicle will be seized and will be sold to cover for the remaining balance.

Student Loans: Student loans offer you other options to repay the loans, or possibly pause the payments when you’re in a tough spot – but you lose that option when you default. Even if you file for bankruptcy, a student loan is very difficult to get rid of.

Also, when you default:

The IRS can withhold tax returns to pay for your debt.

You’ll receive lower social security payments.

Avoiding Default.

Now that you know the consequences of defaulting on a loan, it’d be better for you to defaulting. By doing so, you are keeping your options open.

Communication is very important when in a rough spot. Talk to your lender and let him know, this way – you and your lender can come up with a solution. When in talks with your lender, it’s best to have everything documented. If you’ve agreed on something, put it into writing. In order to come up with a solution, a lender might ask you to provide your monthly income statement and your expenses. Don’t withhold any information from your lender.

When having a hard time managing your debts, you can ask a credit counselor for help. A credit counselor can help you evaluate your financial situation and help you establish a debt management plan.

How Can I Get a Loan to Pay Off My Credit Card Debt?

More and more consumers are resorting to plastic money in buying goods and services. Credit cards have very high interest rates and charges so a person who cannot manage payments properly are likely to become buried in debt.

It’s easy to accumulate credit card debt when you are not responsible with your purchases and monthly repayments. Charging purchases and bills to your credit is similar to taking out a loan. Paying the minimum monthly payment for your credit card is just a scratch on the surface of your total outstanding balance. If you want to get rid of credit card debt, you should get a personal loan to pay off all your credit card debt.

Look for a reputable online lender

It’s true that there are plenty of online lenders offering loans to borrowers with poor, fair or bad credit. However, before dealing with an online lender, make sure to verify if they are authorized to offer loan products. Some loan sharks may disguise as an online lender but are not operate legitimate, regulated lending businesses.

A debt consolidation loan is a good option for those who want to pay off their credit cards. Your goal is to look for a loan that will help you save on interest rates of multiple credit card debts. By consolidating your credit card debt into one loan, you can have fewer worries and hassles. You can try asking for a recommendation from a relative or trusted friend. You should also verify the lender’s reputation by checking out reviews and feedback online.